Embed a LEGO event calendar

After much work I'm proud to say that we probably have the most complete LEGO event calendar on the web. And we want to share it! Grab the embed code down below, copy and paste it on your website, and you're good to go! Let's spread the LEGO love all around.

That said, our event data can always become better. If you have an event or any other feedback, hollah's goes in the contact form.

1. Select a size

We try to automatically fit the height for you. In order to make it appear in all resolutions, we make it slightly higher than we have to. Sometimes this causes some empty space at the bottom.

2. Preview

3. Grab the code

Your calendar is ready! Grab the code below and paste it where you want it to appear.

Story Time

Steve and John did their job every day, yet they never stopped to consider that their tools might be too small for the task. After all: everything is cool when you're part of a team.