at this scale...
a minifig is 183 tall
one minifig ERROR

Wait! Is this a minifig scaler?

Sure is! This gadget shows how a minifig compares to a 183cm (6 foot) person at different scales. At 1:44 the two are the same height. Six-wide trains are typically built at about 1:60 and 1:35 seems to be common amongst car and military builders.

All numbers are approximate, since the minifig is too chubby to be a good tiny human. Time to face the fact: there is no "minifig scale". The best you can do is select a ratio and approximate from there. (If you are determined not to approximate, Dave Eaton's scaler is highly recommended.)

Who made this awesome gadget?

Credit goes to the fantastic Tim Gould for this scaler. He examined minifig scale in three installments, and finally made the fun dynamic version you see here.

Linus of Swooshable tidied it all up and added some additional measurements. Swooshable creates stuff like World, Building School and Amazon Dealfinder. To keep track of new LEGO app releases, the mailing list is your best friend:

Get this on your iPhone!

Want to carry this nifty little scaler with you wherever you go? You can if you have an iPhone! Go out and get the Minifig Scaler app and you've got instant scaling wherever you are! As long as you got your phone and it hasn't run out of battery, of course.

All proceeds goes to keeping Swooshable running, so I really appreciate your purchase. Thanks!