Building techniques: SNOT

This constantly growing collection lists different SNOT techniques. It also gives you a list of parts so you can recreate the technique. SNOT is an acronym for Studs Not On Top - that is, having the studs in another direction than up. In order to utilize LEGO to its full advantage, one must learn to change stud direction. This will let you create shapes that are a lot less LEGO-like. Start by selecting an angle and narrow it down from there. Have a great one we don't? Please send it in!

Finger hinges

Roof hinge

Inverted brick with clip


30 degree slope with studs

Chainsaw body with cylinders

Inverted bracket brick

Plate with hole

Plate with holes

Hinges with 2x2 top and panel

Brackets spiral

Headlight and clip

Flowers in technic plate

Pneumatic T with plate 1x4 offset

Old hinge bushing

Minifig wrench

Grill tiles and levers

Old clips in brick bottom

Light clip type 1

Jumper and modified plate

1x1 tiles

Reverse pony ear with tiles

Reverse pony ear

Plate and clips

180 with headlight bricks

Plates between studs (pony ear)

Chainsaw body

The humble 99207

Ice cream cones

Scaffolding with technic beams

Technic pin joiner

Pneumatic Tube


Click hinge bricks

Plate 1x4 with two studs

Travis bricks with a twist

Technic liftarms

Clips, bars and hollow rounds

Turntable bottoms with LEGO rubber bands

Donut and jumper

Swivel SNOT

Finger hinges with levers

Bracket brick

Bracket 1x2 - 2x2

Cheese slopes with plates

Bricks and plates with cheese slopes

Technic plates

Technic plates

Brackets and technic bricks

Headlight brick

Technic brick with half pin

Brick 1×1 with studs on four sides (Travis brick)

Brick 1x1 with studs on two opposite sides

Brick 1x2x2/3 with studs on sides

Brick 1x4 with studs on side

Brick 2x4x2 with studs on sides

Brick 2x2x3&1/3 octagonal with side studs

Bracket 1x1 - 1x1

Bracket 1x2 - 1x4

Bracket 2x2 - 1x4 with offset

Bracket 2x2 - 2x2

Double brackets

Bracket 2x3 - 2x2 (it's a space chair!)

Brick 2x2x3&1/3 octagonal corner

Brick 2x4x2 with holes on sides

Hinge 1x2

2 (or more) levers and plates

Minifig chainsaw

1x1 clip with light

Space nose

Technic beams

Technic bricks

Technic bricks with half-plate offset

Pin connector with half-pins

Technic plates with half-pins

Two (or more) technic plates

2xZ bricks with axles

1xZ brick with axles

Two headlight bricks and 1x1 plate

Brick with handle and clips

Plates with rails and bricks with grooves