About Swooshable

You're currently visiting a website. Here's how it works and how it came to be.

Ohoy there! Swooshable is a breeding ground for quirky, fun and usable LEGO apps and projects. We've existed since 2010. Man, does time fly. The site came to be with one goal in mind: to facilitate more awesome LEGO creations.

It all began with a small toy called the FADMASHER. People enjoyed it and used it to get inspired to build... and a few projects later we're here. You're currently looking at the grand second incarnation. Swooshable v1 was a hopscotch of different looks, hacked code and general chaos. It had its charm for sure, but Swooshable v2 is a better platform and enables us to create a much more useful resource.

But wait, who is this we you're talking about?

All of us! The material on this site has been created by many, but Swooshable as a site is a one man operation. My name is Linus. A professional web designer/developer, photographer and communicator by trade. At first the projects were limited by my skill cap, but over the years I've become better at what I do and Swooshable have picked up projects and articles made by others. The site is no longer a kid - it has matured into an excellent resource on all things LEGO. Or just an unruly teenager. We'll see.

What about the future?

In the future Swooshable will be the resource on LEGO building. I want the Building School and SNOT search engine to continue growing, and hope to keep creating tools and articles every now and then. I've learned that my life can prevent me from working on this site, so I try to focus on building solutions and writing articles that last a long time. Should I disappear while searching Cornish beaches for stranded LEGO I want this site to continue being useful.

Yikes. That's pretty great. Can I help?

Yes! In fact, I'm counting on it. If you've created or found a nice tool, article or technique I'd love to add it to the appropriate section. If you don't know where to host it I'd gladly do it for you as well. Start talking to me through the contribution form and we'll figure everything out. If you're interested in moderating and adding techniques, articles or other items, let me know.

And finally, the obligatory disclaimer

Swooshable turns ordinary people into awesome LEGO builders. We host and share many different types of material, all owned by the respective creators. There's a lot of awesomeness here, but despite that Swooshable is not affiliated with LEGO.

May the bricks be with you!