Swooshable make
you a better LEGO builder

We collect resources, write tutorials, keep tabs on the community, build tools and much more to make you the best builder you can be. Sometimes we're silly, most of the time we're useful - but always 100% about LEGO.

Get started with advanced LEGO building

We collect & index resources

We gather LEGO resources from all over the internet. If it's a good one we index it in our Building School or SNOT Search Engine.

We write many articles and much code

We build things that help the community. You had to check many sites to find a set instruction until we built scripts that does this for you.

We share, with you and others

We create and compile to share. Brickset uses our instruction compilation, and several sites use our map generator to display LEGO locations.

Latest updates

Things we've accomplished so far