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If you're new to building LEGO, we've got a handy getting started guide. It navigates you through terms, concepts and other bits good to know. Read this first to get to know some common terminology and concepts.

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SNOT techniques

Swooshable continually indexes a lot of different building techniques for you to browse and use. We began with SNOT techniques. This slightly gross acronym stands for Studs Not On Top, and is the name we in the LEGO community have for techniques that change stud direction.

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Brick fonts

I'm personally a big fan of typography - not least fonts created with LEGO bricks. It's not uncommon to have to write when building, and that's when these fonts come in. They are complete with all characters A-Z. We even built a Font Tester so you can test the font before building it.

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External articles

Swooshable also keeps track of a good amount of external resources. You can browse these by category or keyword. We gladly accepts contributions - we're looking for high quality content that emphasizes one particular topic at a time.



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