Modulex color timeline

Main color man Ryan has created a color timeline for Modulex in addition to his regular color timeline. Modulex are smaller bricks that LEGO first created for architectural planning, hence the more earthly palette. They broke off from the LEGO group in 1965 and became their own company, but until 1983 they used molds with the LEGO logo. After that they introduced the Plancopy system. Plancopy brought new molds, with "M" on the studs. There was a very short period of overlap around 1983; all LEGO-logo colors and early M-logo colors were briefly available in both colors, at least in a few brick types. Sometime around 1993/4, Modulex's "Interior 10 Signage System" was changed to include the "Tile - " colors. These were only available in tiles, with letters or numbers in various sizes (2-tall, 4-tall, or 8-tall). In 1997 Plancopy was updated, and the majority of the existing colors were replaced with brighter, more vibrant colors. These colors are the rarest, apart from the "Tile -" colors. Many of these dates are best-guess estimates, especially the more recent ones. It's surprisingly difficult to find concrete information about the history of Modulex.

Story Time

Steve and John did their job every day, yet they never stopped to consider that their tools might be too small for the task. After all: everything is cool when you're part of a team.

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