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Swooshable's primary missions is to make you a better LEGO builder. A big part of that includes collecting, analyzing and building things with LEGO data. But Swooshable isn't Facebook - I want other people to benefit from this too! Swooshable shares the data in a few different forms. If you need what I have in another form, please get in touch and we'll work something out.

Techies, that goes for you as well. It's much better if I build a proper API instead of you scraping the entire site.

Photo by Aistė Kančauskaitė

Two figs doing a lovely proposal. Photo by Aistė Kančauskaitė.

API endpoints

In the future I'm planning to build a proper API, but I'm not sure when I get to it. However, I'm no stranger to creating custom endpoints if it's for a good cause. We have a custom integration for Brickset.com so that they can use our instruction data, for instance. If you want to use any data let me know and I might be able to do the same for you. Here are most of the things we keep track of:

  • Building instructions: Swooshable checks 6-7 different instruction repositories to make it easier to find instructions for a given set. It is used by Brickset to get a list of instruction sources.
  • LEGO parts: I've programmatically deconstructed LEGO Digital Designer, LDraw and Mecabricks to make it easier to see in what programs a part is available. In addition to this I index Brickset, Bricklink and Rebrickable to get a comprehensive view. Brickset use this data on their parts page.
  • Part colors: Based on a list by Ryan Howerter.
  • Building techniques: Swooshable houses one of the best collection of SNOT techniques and LEGO fonts. I'm working on compiling similar lists for other technique areas.
  • Locations: LUGs, LEGOLANDs, LEGO Brand Stores and other geographical LEGO related locations. Comes from many different sources.
  • Events: Mainly shows, conventions and meetups collected from Brickjournal's calendar and LEGO Ambassador Network.
  • Resources around the net: Various articles, instructions and tools collected and indexed.

Map and calendar embeds

Swooshable is closing down the event calendar and location map. LEGO Ambassador Network does a fine job keeping track of all these things, and since they're doing that I can focus on the building aspects of the site. This means you cannot embed calendars and maps anymore - the ones you currently have embedded will stop working some time in the future.

Story Time

Steve and John did their job every day, yet they never stopped to consider that their tools might be too small for the task. After all: everything is cool when you're part of a team.

How this works

It's a pretty standard site search, but I'm trying to make it smarter day by day. You can currently search for techniques, parts, sets and contributors. If you can't find what you're looking for contact me and I'll try to help you along and make this better.


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