When LEGO introduced click hinges, they also introduced this slightly unorthodox technique. You can click any piece that has bars (essentially all 1xN bricks) on to them, resulting in this fun arrangement.

Fun fact: the name of the technique was coined by Jon Palmer after its inventor, Gary McIntire. He liked it so much that he started calling himself Mr GSnot for a while. Catchy, right?

To find the different pieces needed for this technique you can search LEGO's online Pick-a-Brick for the design ID's. We link other market places directly on each individual piece page, which you can find below.

1 studs
4 studs
3 plates


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Assembling this technique is as simple as pushing a brick with a rod on a click hinge.

Here's the classic image by Jon Palmer. You want the click-sound.

Story Time

Steve and John did their job every day, yet they never stopped to consider that their tools might be too small for the task. After all: everything is cool when you're part of a team.

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