Alberta Institute of Mentors and Builders of Tomorrow (A.I.M.B.O.T.)

AIMBOT is a mentorship based non for profit society which helps the builders of today transition confidently and capably into the innovators of tomorrow. We organize ourselves on an action based, three tiered system; Build, Create, and Shape. We support the ‘builders of today’ as they engage in transforming abstract, individual elements to form something entirely new and personal. We help foster their creative potential and encourage builders to break through the glass ceiling; to be constantly innovating, learning and improving. In doing so, we instill confidence in builders to wholeheartedly chase their passions in building a unique, and creative future! We base our mission on the following three pillars of action: Build Today: We want to motivate individuals to use their innate talents to create, construct and design whatever they can imagine. Whether it be with LEGO bricks or other materials, we want to encourage people to explore the possibility of taking ideas and making them become physical realities. Create Potential: Through the process of building, designing and redesigning, we seek to stimulate the creative potential in every individual. By developing valuable skills such as spatial reasoning, problem solving and creative thinking we encourage individuals to constantly be innovating, learning and improving in all aspects of their lives. Shape Tomorrow: By encouraging the creative potential of individuals, we aim to inspire them to be the innovators, leaders and builders who will shape the future. Together, we seek to build a positive future full of endless possibilities step by step and brick by brick. The approximate size of this LUG is 20 members. The ambassador's name is Sam Malmberg.

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Edmonton, Canada

Story Time

Steve and John did their job every day, yet they never stopped to consider that their tools might be too small for the task. After all: everything is cool when you're part of a team.

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